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What If The Wig Is Edgy?

- Sep 18 2017 -
1. Comb the wig with the comb of the wig (with the steel tooth comb), note that, in addition to the bangs and the top of the head, the other places with the curl are best to straighten the hands and not use the comb.

2. Soak the wig into cold water for 5-10 minutes. Time can not be too long, too long, hair easily fall off;

3. The first bubble good wig placed on the wig-specific bracket, and then change a basin of water, and then choose a special wig of washing liquid into the water mix, remember that you must not rub hard oh, just use the hand gently grasp a hair can be.

4. After the wash to change a basin of water, with clean water cast, and then use the hair-care lotion dedicated after soaking out.

5. The wig will be washed, placed on the wig-specific bracket, with a dry towel (2-3) to suck the water on the wig dry.

6. After the towel suction dry water after the hair on the shelves naturally dry. To put in a cool place to dry naturally, can not bask in the sun.

7. When the wig dries to 90%, gently grasp the hair with the hand, and then use the wig comb to comb the wig and the top of the head.

8. For a good wig, if you do not need to wear regularly, you should also spray a little oil.
9. When the wig is completely air-dried, use the hair net will be washed the wig set up, into the breathable good can be sealed plastic bag.

10. Keep the shampoo, and the wig must be kept in a drier place.