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Body Vs Hairstyle

- Sep 18 2017 -
1. Short body hairstyle
Suggestion: Short stature, give the impression of exquisite, so design hairstyle into should emphasize fullness and charm, from the overall proportion, should pay attention to the establishment of the impression of length, not to stay long hair, also should not be rough, fluffy. Can be used to increase the height of the disc, but also how to make hair delicate, exquisite work.

2. Tall and slim hairstyle
Suggestion: This stature is the ideal stature, but is apt to produce the ambiguous feeling, or lacks the fullness feeling, therefore, in chooses the hairstyle, should try to make up these insufficiency. This figure is suitable for long hair, not a high bun, it is not appropriate to cut the hair too short.

3. Chunky Body Hairstyle
Suggestion: The stature pudgy person wants to make up the shortcoming of oneself as far as possible, in the hairstyle design must emphasize the overall hair potential upward, may choose to have the level short hair, the forehead upturned type and so on hairstyle. It is unfavorable to keep long wavy and long straight hair.

4. Tall Body Hairstyle
Suggestion: This hairstyle design, should strive for generous, healthy, free and easy beauty, reduce big and coarse impression. To stay simple short hair is good, but for straight long hair, long wave, headband, disc hair, medium and short hair can also be used as appropriate. Avoid hair patterns complicated and artificial.