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Face Vs Hairstyle

- Sep 18 2017 -
1-Standard face
Suggestion: Facial Shape comparison standard This kind of meimei, can suitably increase the head hair quantity, shape more perfect face, can try to cut the oblique fringe to add lively playful element.

2-oval face
Suggestion: This kind of face-shaped meimei only needs to change the weight of the hair, keep long hair styling more attractive.

3-round face
Suggestion: The cheek is a bit partial round, but the overall contour is very good, therefore, just increase the head of the hair volume, both sides do natural cover, the face is perfect.

4-round face line is not obvious
Suggestion: Face overweight, this kind of meimei best not to leave short hair, suitable for the long hair to cover the shape of the face, hair can be appropriate for the heavier parts cover, you can try to cut oblique fringe.

5-Face Type
Proposal: This season hair no matter how you change, have a common characteristic is--fluffy, create full top contour, and long face shape Meimei to cover the defect of the facial length, should put the hair on both sides of the head to fill up, to modify the shape of the object!

6-Face Type
Recommendations: more suitable for small and fluffy, with radian of the hairstyle, color for the red system to highlight the complexion of white