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How To Distinguish A Wig

- Sep 15 2017 -
First Distinguish from the material classification of fashion wig
Usually, the type of fashion wig is divided into three kinds: chemical fiber silk, real hair, chemical fiber silk and real hair mixed class.
1, the most common is the chemical fiber silk, its price is the cheapest, but the effect is more "false", if it is the animation or the catwalk model can also, real life wear this kind of material wig is not suitable for ladies to go shopping.
2, the film and television play more with real hair, because this looks very lifelike, so the price is relatively expensive.
3, chemical fiber silk and real hair hybrid is the most suitable for the use of fashionable wigs in life, can achieve the real effect.

Second, to fire, hair to distinguish between good and bad hair
Generally poor quality wig, with the fire of the hair will emit unpleasant smell, there is also a way to open the hair dryer to strong hot file, will be the entire tuyere on the wig 3-5 seconds (time not too long, lest the net material will be bad), if it is a real hair will not be a problem, if it is other materials will be exposed, emitting unpleasant odor.

Third, from the fashion wig screen material identification
In the choice of fashion wig to see the comfort and permeability of the net material, it is best to try to see if there is itching and irritation of the feeling. Then pull a wig inside the elastic band, do not choose too loose. Because the wig wears some time later also to loosen some, but also cannot be too tight, if has the condition best is custom-made.