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How Do You Wear A Wig?

- Sep 15 2017 -

1. Set the net from head to neck first.

2, the net has a circle of elastic belt down the other side, the other end of the upward lift.

3, there is the tension of the other side of their own prosperity place, do not let their true hair dew ran out, the other side to mention, put their hair in the net, do not pile together, so as not to wear a wig after the formation.

4, hair evenly tiled in the hair net inside, at the top of the mouth place on the head on the good, do not need special fixed. If you feel the net down, you can also use a flat hairpin or a small steel clip to fix it

5, the wig back to wear, and then adjust, in the inside of the wig in the rear of the two size adjustment buckle, two buckles in the middle of a cloth, cloth on a number of small lattice, please according to their head type size need to adjust buckle buckle can be.

6, the fringe randomly make natural can.

7, find the wig at the temples there are two small pieces of prominent place, this is to check the position of the wig is wearing, with the thumb and forefinger pinch, pull down and can be properly adjusted wig position.

8, wearing complete, you can grasp the top of the wig with a few hands, make a fluffy effect.

There are many kinds of wigs, some of which are not resistant to heat. Therefore, the hair dryer is not suitable for styling.