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Precautions For Cleaning Wigs

- Sep 15 2017 -

1, as far as possible not close to the high temperature, because the material relationship wig is not resistant to high temperature.

2, cold or warm water cleaning, washing the wig when you use the general shampoo on OK can be compatible with the general hair conditioner.

3. How do you wash your hair? Usually 1-2 months or so to wash 1 times according to the frequency of obediently wear.

4, clean the wig as far as possible do not use a hair dryer, such as high-temperature wind blow dry, then what should do? Use dry towel to gently suck the excess moisture on the wig and put it into the ventilated place to avoid the damage caused by the sun rays.

5, after washing the wig do not immediately comb, should wait until the wig dry after carding.