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How Do You Wash The Wig?

- Sep 15 2017 -

When you buy a wig, you have to wash it. Cleaning methods to pay attention to:

1, clean the wig before combing with a special comb, from the bottom to comb, must be light, to have patience (vigilance: Do not use a finer plastic comb)
2, use the wig to wash the care liquid, and cold water according to 1:10 proportion of the configuration to wash hair, and then soak the hair in the water configured well 15 minutes. can also be cleaned first hair, and then sprayed with the care liquid, will have the same bright effect.
3, the wig with shelves propped up, with a dry towel gently rubbing the wig, avoid rubbing wigs.
4, then in the ventilation place to dry naturally, to avoid direct sunlight.