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Brazilian Deep Curly Hair

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Item specifics
volume/weight : 0 cm/0 cm/0 cm/0.1 kg
Size : 8”-30” Available
Dilivery Time : 3-5 business days by DHL
In Stock : Available
Weight : 100 gram per pcs
Crafts : Unprocessed
Effect : 100% Human Hair
Harmless : No Smell, No Chemical

Product specifications:

1, hair material: Chinese hair, Brazilian hair, India hair, Mongolian hair, Malaysia hair and so on.

2, hair length: 8-30 inches or any length is ok according to your requirements.

3, hair color: dark color, light color, T color, P color ,M color.

4, sample order is welcome, we accept the OEM.

Product Type            

Brazilian deep curly hair

Hair Material

100% Virgin Human Hair

Hair Length


Hair Origin

Brazil, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Peruvian, Europe, China

Hair Grade

7A, Remy Hair

Hair Color

Natural Color, and any other colors can be customized


Body Wave, Silky Straight, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Loose Wave Curl, Kinky Curly etc.


100+-5g/piece, also accept custom making


Can be bleached and colored


Strong and reinforced double machine weft stitches to ensure long lasting and no shedding


1. Promise the hair 100% virgin remy human hair

2. No shedding and tangle free, clear, soft, shiny and smooth

3. Text can be kept after washing and long lasting 


Q. How many pieces hair do I need?
A: For hair wefts,2pcs for 10-14in,3pcs for 16-22inch, 4pcs for 24-40inch. If you want to get a very full look, you might need another pack. If you are getting fusion or micro then you will need to consult your stylist.


Q. How long does it last?
A: This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take very good care of it for it to last longer. If you take good care of the hair, it last for over one year.


Q: Can they be straightened, curled ?
A:Yes you could use hair straightener or hair curler to style the virgin human hair .
However, don't do it too frequently, or the heat will make the hair easily get dry and tangled.


Q:Can I go swimming?
You may go in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is best to wash hair right after swimming. Avoid getting hair in salt water as the salt can take all the moisture out of the hair and it will lead to tangling of the hair. Never braid your hair and go in salt water. It is best to wear it down. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.


Q:What type of hair care products should I use? 
A: Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair.
1. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products.
2. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable, so use leave in conditioners.
3. You could use gel or hair spray to keep the curls in place, but make sure to wash your hair and not leave in these products in for a long time.
4. Olive oil will be a good choice to keep the hair healthy.

Q: How to tell human hair with synthetic hair?
A: human hair has natural protein . It is easy to tell by burning and smell : human hair will be ash , which will go away after pinching. human hair will smell foul . When burning , the human hair will show white smoke.
While synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning and will show black smoke.
Moreover, human hair may have very few gray hair and split ends. It is normal and not a quality problem.


Q:What type of hair care products should I use?

A : Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair.

1, Use good quality shampoo and hair conditioner to care the hair. It's important to keep the hair soft and shiny.

2, you could use gel or spray styling products to keep the hair style.

3, Olive oil will be a good choice to keep the hair healthy.



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